Years 7-9 introduction

What is the program about?

The lower secondary program focuses on how students negotiate their roles in new groups as part of their transition from primary to high school and moving from pre-teen to adolescence. The content unpacks the social elements of relationships and the role that identity, group formation and group norms and beliefs can have on the development of respectful relationships. 

When transitioning from primary to high school, and during the journey through high school, the stability of peer groups for young people can sometimes be tested. Examples of these transitions might include if a young person:

  • moves to a new school
  • changes to a different class
  • selects different subjects
  • gets selected in a different team
  • changes interests within or outside of school.


A range of factors can influence relationships in this age group. These factors include:

  • negotiating new groups of friends
  • importance of need to fit in with peers
  • group formation
  • developing identity linked to the group/s they belong to and engage with
  • peer influence on behaviours and actions
  • managing interactions that may be problematic or conflicting
  • bullying - victim, perpetrator and bystander (offline and online)
  • negotiating first romantic relationships.