Years 10-12 introduction

What is this program about?

The Years 10-12 program is about building capacity in personal and intimate relationships.

By personal relationships we mean free and equal relationships between two individuals—such as friends, family, partners—with a focus on intimate relationships. While the site doesn’t focus on formal or institutional authority-based relationships, such as teacher-student, parent-child, police-civilian or employer-employee relationships, it makes students aware of the limits of institutional power and how to identify when it is being abused.

By building capacity, we mean getting better at achieving what we want in a relationship in a way that is respectful and rewarding for both people. It is designed to be tactical and skills-based, but framed within a rich context that allows further exploration.


What is the content?

The Years 10-12 program is divided into three topics—Consent, Influences and Situations. The whole program centres around the first topic, Consent, where we introduce the decision-making Field Model. We strongly suggest you start from here before expanding into the influences and situations surrounding consent and relationships.


The Consent topic introduces the Field Model, a simple framework for thinking about how we make decisions in a relationship. The Model helps in navigating shared decisions in a way that is fair and respectful, without getting blinded by assumptions, confused by miscommunication, overwhelmed by strong emotions or any of the other risks that can occur within a relationship.

It has four main parts:

  1. Stop Ask Listen: The foundations of respect, finding out how the other person feels, and what they want
  2. Yes No I Don’t Know: Figuring out what you want in relation to the decision
  3. Moving the line: Identifying and responding to abuse and disrespect
  4. Stepping in: Helping someone else when you identify disrespect


The Field Model is introduced through a series of videos in The Field Model playlist.

We explore each part of the Model in more detail in dedicated playlists, and the Field Model scenarios playlist contains a set of scenes that can be analysed using the Field Model as a tool.


The Field Model presents an idealised view of a free and equal relationship. The reality is that no relationship is ever truly free and equal, and all sorts of influences can distort the way we understand other people and negotiate shared decisions.

In this topic we explore some of these influences - including power, technology, alcohol and gender - and look at how they can affect the Field Model in practice.

Each influence is covered in its own playlist.


Since different situations present different challenges, we have a series of playlists that explore how the Field Model plays out in contexts such as parties and festivals, sexting, breaking up and sexual encounters.

Each situation has its own playlist that includes a set of scenarios illustrating how the Field Model can be applied.


Supporting guides

All of this content is documented in the Years 10-12 Guidebook, and every playlist is supported by a detailed teacher guide outlining the media items contained in the playlist, and how to handle class discussions for each item.