Years 5-6 Subchapter: Managing relationships

Developing skills for positive relationships

An illustration of three young people happy together, perhaps posing for a photo.


Your friends are the people that you can talk to, share things with, confide in, and sometimes argue with. Conflict can be a normal part of any relationship, but how we resolve the conflict is important. We need to have positive relationships with our friends to feel supported and connected. This takes time and effort.


Keeping my friendships strong

A split-frame of three illustrations with three young people in each. The left panel shows all three with speech bubbles and they are happy. The middle panel shows two of the people with speech bubbles with one person feeling left out. The right panel shows just one person with a speech bubble and the other two people are looking gloomy.


To be in a positive relationship, each person needs to give their time and energy to that friendship, to communicate effectively with each other, and to accept and respect the other person’s efforts and needs. This requires energy, empathy (understanding how other people feel), and sensitivity.

It is important to develop and practice skills such as:

  • effective communication
  • assertiveness
  • empathy
  • active listening
  • conflict resolution
  • overcoming peer influence, and
  • decision making.