Chapter 3 - Situations Subchapter: Sexting

Scenario: no screenshots or saves

Split-frame header, one of Lucy looking at her phone, and the other of Alex looking at her phone with Rem looking over her shoulder.


Lucy and Alex had been together two years, since the end of year 11.

Lucy is studying politics at Uni and Alex has an apprenticeship at a two-star restaurant, as well as TAFE part-time. Both still live at home but are planning on getting a flat together in the new year, and they can’t wait.

Since the start, both have enjoyed sending each other nudes.

They only use Snapchat and have a strict rule – no saves or screenshots - and also no faces.

At least with the app they can tell straight away if one of them has broken the rules on screenshotting but still, it’s the principle.

Alex doesn’t care who sees her boobs, but she knows Lucy is pretty sensitive about it.

She also knows Lucy is frantic about exams and probably not thinking about sexting right now.

Alex doesn’t want to be a distraction or needy, but she misses Lucy.

Maybe if she asks real quick, Lucy will send her a snap?

miss you heaps xxx send me something sexy? pretty please?



The Field Model diagram with Lucy and Alex both a Yes and entering the Action Zone.


The snap comes through and Alex screenshots it.

She immediately texts Lucy –so I can leave you to study. my eyes only xxx.



The Field Model diagram with Lucy a No and Alex a Yes, so both move to the End Zone for sharing the nude.


Saturday night and Lucy has to study.

Alex decides to go out after work with some friends and it’s fun and great to see her mates, but she wishes Lucy was there too.

It’s late and she’s tired so she finds a couch and starts flicking through some pics on her phone.

Rem is hanging over her shoulder and grabs the phone when she spots Lucy’s nude.

Alex snatches back the phone, ‘Hey! Not cool!’

Lucy is going to be cross and upset when she finds out that Rem saw her nude.

But she’d want to know, wouldn’t she?

Yes, of course she would.

But if Rem didn’t say anything, then Lucy wouldn’t have to get upset?



The Field Model diagram with Lucy and Alex both a Yes and entering the Action Zone for communicating about Rem seeing the nude.


Alex will tell Lucy, as soon as her exams were done. Lucy has the right to know even if it will upset her.