Chapter 2 - Influences Subchapter: Inner & outer worlds

Our inner and outer worlds

In Stop Ask Listen, we say that everyone has a rich inner world.


Expressionless researcher pointing to a diagram saying a person contains thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.


We also have outer worlds and bodies, and all three of these interact and influence us in ways we often don’t notice or understand.


Character with body labelled “Body” stands between two circles labelled “Inner World” and “Outer World”.


If we don’t pay attention to these spheres, we run the risk of going through our lives on auto-pilot, and never understanding why we do what we do in our relationships, and being unable to solve problems when they come up.

To get better at relationships, we should get better at understanding what’s going on in our own worlds, and the worlds of others.

So here we’ll try to explore some fundamental questions:

  • What are these worlds?
  • How do they affect decisions we make in our relationships?
  • How can we change that influence?
  • How do we bond with someone else while also preserving our own inner world?