Welcome to The Good Society, a Respect Matters Education resource

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A new resource for teaching respectful relationships in schools

The Good Society is part of the Australian Government’s Respect Matters program to support respectful relationships education in all Australian schools. It is an engaging, flexible, online program that helps students develop safe, healthy and respectful relationships.

What students can do

Students can engage with the resources individually, in small groups, or as a whole class depending on the chosen program.
  • Engage

    Watch videos, listen to podcasts, read articles and use interactives.
  • Respond

    Answer poll questions or participate in class activities.
  • Discuss

    Discuss concepts and themes with friends, peers and staff.

Programs for year groups

The Good Society features learning activities for students across all years of schooling.
  • Years F-6

    In lower primary, students will focus on forming new friendship groups and navigating shared spaces respectfully. In middle primary, the focus progresses to belonging in different groups. In upper primary, students explore ethical decision-making in personal relationships.
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  • Years 7-9

    Social relationships, including how students can negotiate the transition from primary to secondary school. Students will unpack the role that identity, group dynamics and attitudes and beliefs can have on the development of respectful relationships.
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  • Years 10-12

    Intimate relationships, including how to establish, manage and maintain respectful relationships. Students will learn about the interpersonal skills required to navigate respectful decision-making in personal relationships.
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For teachers

The Good Society provides teachers with practical guidance and support for delivering age appropriate and engaging respectful relationships education to their students.
  • Guidance

    We have playlist teacher guides, program guidebooks, plus a user guide & FAQs page to help you with every step, from using the platform to handling discussions in class.
  • Flexibility

    Select the playlists that are most relevant to your class and hide items that aren’t needed.
  • Management

    Create class groups, favourite playlists or assign them to your class and check student progress.

Before using The Good Society in class

Any discussion of relationships and personal issues raises the possibility of disclosures from students. Before using The Good Society in your class, check out the Respect Matters learning modules on the Australian Student Wellbeing Hub.

For parents and carers

If you are a parent or carer who would like to understand the concepts and skills described in The Good Society, you can freely explore the content for yourself, and may even like to recommend the program to your school.

Schools can choose to use The Good Society in a variety of ways. If your child’s school is already using the platform, you should check with school staff to find out exactly what content and activities are being shared with your children.